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Most of the countries in the past had been colonized by more powerful countries. But, in today's time, all countries are independent. Each country has its own independence day and the citizens of each country rejoice and commemorate the day in their unique ways. Special celebrations are held in all nations on their day of independence. It is indeed an exciting festive bonanza to witness the culture of a country when it celebrates its independence in which the whole nation is engulfed in merrymaking despite the differences of caste, creed and religion.

123independenceday makes an attempt to unravel the stories of the past and brings forth the glorious moments of various countries, their struggles, and the difficulties faced by the freedom fighters in the past. While going through the independence day of a country on our site, you can procure information regarding demographics, places to visit, economy, art & culture and much more. We, at 123indpendenceday, make our readers aware of a country's journey towards its developments and struggle for freedom. We also present the independence regalia of the countries which include their national flags, symbols, and national anthems. 123indpendenceday aims to enrich your knowledge and enlighten you by providing a glimpse of the independence journey of a country.

We may call ourselves global citizens today; however we are still inadequately informed about other countries. While travel or books may bring about acquired knowledge about customs, traditions or culinary preferences, we rarely get to know the story behind a country's independence movement apart from a few glimpses in its architecture.

This basic aspect is a key influencer to a country's culture and is reflected highly in its people and its day-to-day life. It is indeed exciting to know about a country's glorious moments, its independence struggle and its war heroes who fought and earned this for their people.

123independenceday is an attempt to unravel the stories set in the past, which will bring you closer to the independence movement of many great countries across the globe. While this may be a reading adventure it would also open a whole new world for you. 123independence day also provides information about demographics, places to visit, economy, art& culture and much more.

The most integral part of this unique podium is to make its readers well aware about many aspects of a country's independence regalia that include its national heroes, national anthem, national flag and national symbols.

So hop on an exciting new journey, that will not only enrich you with knowledge on one hand but will also make you squeal with elation at the same time.


Independence Day of various Countries
Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Columbia Costa Egypt France Germany
India Iran Ghana Kenya Macedonia Malaysia New Zealand Nigeria North Korea Norway
Pakistan Peru Russia Saudi Arabia Srilanka South Africa South Korea USA Zimbabwe

Countries Independence Days

Country Date
Camaroon January 1
Haiti January 1
Western Samoa January 1
Sudan January 1
Burma January 4
Chad January 11
Australia January 26
Nauru January 31
Ceylon/Sri Lanka February 4
New Zealand February 6
Grenada February 7
Iran February 11
Gambia February 18
Saint Lucia February 22
Dominican Republic February 27
Wales March 1
Morocco March 3
Mauritius March 12
Ireland March 17
Liechtenstein March 19
Pakistan March 23
Greece March 25
Bangladesh March 26
Hungary April 4
Senegal April 4
Denmark April 16
Syria April 17
Zimbabwe April 18
Austria April 27
Sierra Leone April 27
Togo April 27
Japan April 29
The Netherlands April 30
Czechoslovakia May 9
Laos May 11
Paraguay May 14
Israel May 15
Norway May 17
Cuba May 20
Argentina May 25
Jordan May 25
Guyana May 26
Tunisia June 1
Italy June 2
Seychelles June 5
Sweden June 6
Portugal June 10
Philippines June 12
Iceland June 17
Kuwait June 19
Luxembourg June 23
Croatia June 25
Mozambique June 25
Madagascar June 26
Djibouti June 27
Republic of Congo June 30
Zaire June 30
Burundi July 1
Canada July 1
Rwanda July 1
Somalia July 1
United States of America July 4
Venezuela July 5
Malawi July 6
Argentina July 9
Bahamas July 10
Mongolia July 11
Sao Tome and Principe July 12
France July 14
Iraq July 14
South Korea July 17
Colombia July 20
Belgium July 21
Poland July 22
Egypt July 23
Ethiopia July 23
Liberia July 26
Maldive Islands July 26
Peru July 28
Dahomey August 1
Switzerland August 1
Upper Volta August 5
Bolivia August 6
Jamaica First Monday in August
Ivory Coast August 7
Singapore August 9
Ecuador August 10
Pakistan August 14
Republic of Congo August 15
India August 15
Cyprus August 16
Gabon August 17
Indonesia August 17
Afghanistan August 18
Rumania August 23
Uruguay August 25
Trinidad and Tobago August 31
Malaysia August 31
Libya September 1
Vietnam September 2
Qatar September 3
San Marino September 3
Swaziland September 6
Brazil September 7
Andorra September 8
North Korea September 9
Bulgaria September 9
Costa Rica September 15
El Salvador September 15
Guatemala September 15
Honduras September 15
Nicaragua September 15
Mexico September 16
Papua New Guinea September 16
Chile September 18
Belize September 21
Malta September 21
Mali September 22
Saudi Arabia September 23
Yemen September 26
Botswana September 30
People's Republic of China October 1
Nigeria October 1
Guinea October 2
LesothoOctober 4
Fiji October 7
Germany October 3
Uganda October 9
Republic of China/Taiwan October 10
Spain October 12
Zambia October 24
Iran October 26
South Vietnam October 26
St Vincent and Grenadines October 27
Turkey October 29
Algeria November 1
Panama November 3
Dominica November 3
Soviet Union November 7
Cambodia November 9
Angola November 11
Rhodesia November 11
Saudi Arabia November 12
Comoros November 12
Monaco November 19
Lebanon November 22
Suriname November 25
Albania November 28
Mauritania November 28
Southern Yemen November 29
Yugoslavia November 29
Barbados November 30
Central African Republic December 1
Thailand December 5
Finland December 6
Tanzania December 9
Upper Volta December 11
Kenya December 12
Niger December 18
Nepal December 21

Independence Day Questions & Answers

Question. Which is the only country to have no Independence Day?


  • Britain
  • France
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • China
  • Japan
  • Iran
  • Nepal
  • Bhutan
  • Ethiopia
  • Thailand

Question. What are the 5 countries that celebrate their independence on September 15?


  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico

Question. Which was the first country to gain its independence in the world?

Answer. Africa

Question. Which was the last country to gain independence?

Answer. Sudan

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