Tourist Attraction Places in America



America is the perfect holiday destination for every kind of traveller. America is brimming with metropolis conjuring millions of culture, cuisine and entertainment. Step out into the country side and you will find country roads with four million miles of highway and open skies, red-rock deserts and towering mountain peaks. America also boasts of miles and miles of the aquamarine coastline of the Pacific Ocean, with pristine beaches for some fun in the sun and sand on the Western Coast. Yes, there is no doubt about the fact that United States of America has it all.

Here are a few places that you must visit while in America:

New York City : The city with an irresistible charm, and a trendsetter, New York is the city of opportunities, exploration and experimentation where you can shed your apprehensions and be what you are. Here a few of the must see sights include :

  • 100 year old Statue of Liberty,
  • the Empire State Building,
  • Rockefeller Centre,
  • Ellis Island,
  • Chinatown,
  • Times Square,
  • the hyperactive heart of New York,
  • Central Park of Manhattan,
  • National September 11 Memorial and Museum,
  • the Brooklyn Bridge.
While in New York you must visit Philadelphia,
  • Pennsylvania,
  • Pittsburgh and
  • New Jersey.


Las Vegas : Want to try your luck at gambling? Want to experience what night life is all about? A trip to America can never be complete unless you head out to Las Vegas. The city of lights, glamour, hope and charm. While here you must also visit

  • the Grand Canyon,
  • the Hoover Dam and
  • the Death Valley National Park.


Seattle: Beautiful and petite, Seattle has its own charm. Grab a latte and start at the world-famous Pike Place Market. Visit the Space Needle for a dramatic view of the city and its surrounding waters. Take a moonlit dinner cruise to Blake Island.

While in Seattle, do not miss a trip to Mount St Helens,

  • Butchart Gardens,
  • Mount Rainier National Park.


California : California is the Golden State along the Pacific. From red wood forests to sun kissed beaches, this state is indeed rich in natural splendours. San Francisco and Los Angeles beckon you with myriad sights and actions.


San Francisco : While in California you must of course visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Napa and Sonoma Wine Country, Disneyland with its amazing rides, and experience the wilderness in Yosemite National Park.


Los Angeles : Try and spot stars, not in the sky, but in the Hollywood Bowl. Head for the beautiful beaches with some of the best sun, sand and surf. Have a love affair with the Santa Monica Pier. While you are in California, you must also visit America's Finest City.


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